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About African Live Art

African Live Art is a virtual platform that seeks to connect and share Afro-Centric/Pan African ideals through her Art Forms, History and Tourism. Universities, Libraries, Arts Organizations, Africans in the Diaspora, and individuals across the world can now engage with custodians of tradition, historical sites and many more art forms on a one-stop-shop website; www.africanliveart.com. Fully incorporated in Ghana, African Live Art is led by a team of experts from the performing arts discipline, and technological backgrounds.  Our expectation is to leverage modern virtual technology to bridge the gap between Afro-Centric and Pan African discourses in art forms and tourism and potential clients from across the world for educational, research, and recreational purposes. Through the African Live Art website, we offer a variety of classes to our clients. The major categories include:

African Dance:

  • Traditional Dance, Contemporary Dance, Popular Dance

African Music:

  • Idiophones, Chordophones, Membranophones, Aerophones, Traditional Songs, Artist

African Folklore: 

  • Storytelling, Proverbs and Interpretations, Traditional Games

African History:

  • Slave Castles, Politics, Museums, Kingdoms, Historic Sites, Languages, Festivals, Food, Cloth,


The United Nations World Tourism Organizations (UNWTO) findings indicates that tourism is one of the world’s leading employers, generating 1/10th of all jobs around the world. In 2019, Africa received 38,5 USD billion in international tourism receipts, representing 9% of total exports. Unfortunately, the Covid – 19 pandemic reduced only Ghana’s tourism arrivals and receipts by 70% and some other African countries suffered similar reductions. The decline in tourism negatively affected African’s GDP, though the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) projects to create a market of 1.2 billion people with combined GDP of $3 trillion.

In spite of this challenge, African arts forms and tourism has the potency of scaling up and providing perpetual employments for African people of all ages and backgrounds if harnessed with available technology.

African Live Art connects with custodians and representatives of the various art forms and tourist centers in Africa and offers a platform where their products and services within the art space can be traded virtually in the international market. Upon discussions and acceptance of our terms and conditions, onboarding processes are made for interested artists, instructors, and collaborators. Personal profiles are then created for such personnel and marketed on the African Live Art website. We publish and market our website and social media platforms to Universities, High, Middle and Elementary Schools, Companies, Art Organizations, educational institutions, and individuals across the world to earn traffic unto our page. Per artists and instructors’ itinerary, clients will connect and pay through our secure payment system for instruction, teaching, engagement, or tour via our virtual portal.



Connecting Africa’s Art Forms, History and Tourism to the world.



To create a One-Stop-Shop website that promotes Afro-Centric/Pan-African Art Forms, Tourist Sites, and History to the World through Virtual Technology.




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